Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction / ICF Categories

    • Introduction / Diagnostic System Overview
    • Optional Reading: ICF-Based Practice Guidelines for Common Musculoskeletal Conditions
    • Optional Reading: What's In a Name? Using Movement System Diagnoses Versus Pathoanatomic Diagnoses
  • 2


    • Management of the Hip
    • Optional Reading: International Framework for Red Flags for Potential Serious Spinal Pathologies Position Statement
    • Optional Reading: Hip OA CPG 2017 Revision
    • Optional Reading: Hip OA Decision Tree 2017 Revision
    • Optional Reading: Non-arthritic Hip Joint Pain CPG
  • 3


    • Management of the Knee
    • Load vs Capacity and Injuries Video
    • Optional Reading: Patellofemoral Pain CPG
    • Optional Reading: Patellofemoral Knee Pain Decision Tree
    • Optional Reading: Knee Mobility Deficits: Meniscus and Articular Cartilage CPG
    • Optional Reading: Knee Mobility Deficits - Meniscus and Articular Cartilage Decision Tree and Components
    • Optional Reading: Exercise-Based Knee and Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Prevention CPG
    • Optional Reading: Knee Ligament Sprain CPG
  • 4

    Ankle / Foot

    • Management of the Foot and Ankle
    • Optional Reading: Ankle Stability & Movement Coordination Impairments - Ankle Sprain
    • Optional Reading: Heel Pain-Plantar Fasciitis CPG - 2014 revision
    • Optional Reading: Heel Pain-Plantar Fasciitis Decision Tree
    • Optional Reading: Achilles Pain, Stiffness, and Muscle Power Deficits- Midportion Achilles Tendinopathy CPG 2018 Revision
    • Optional Reading: Achilles Pain, Stiffness, and Muscle Power Deficits - Mid-portion Achilles Tendinopathy Decision Tree and Components
  • 5

    Skills List

    • Skills List: Hip, Knee, and Ankle/Foot